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Dien Rice
June 8, 2010, 10:57 PM
I just learned about Harvey Brody for the first time about an hour ago. Sounds like he's mastered the proverbial "perfect business" model.

Glad to hear that he's going to release an updated course. Sounds fantastic from what's been shared here.

* Any updates on how he's progressing with the update?

* Any place other than eBay where his previous course can be purchased? Nothing on eBay at the moment.

Harvey is currently working on the course. Don't worry, things are
happening in the background...

Some great stuff has already been produced. However, it takes time to create good, high quality material.

If you'd like updates now and then on how things are progressing, I just whipped up a quick place where you can mention your interest, so I can update you on it... I'll try to send out an update on how things are going with the Harvey Brody project every month or so... (However, feel free to post here, too...)

Here it is...


Best wishes!


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