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April 27, 2010, 12:05 PM
According to the article, he had a friend bring back a bottle of whatever tequila was most popular in Mexico. They loved the smoothness of it and his friend said he could make it smoother by sending a "mixologist" down.

So they bottled it in a unique "hand blown" glass container and Patron was born.

Just thought I'd give us something to talk about Toll Positions, untill Harvey's course comes out.


What if it is another two or three years for the course? Why wait?

Create or Acquire. The example you've posted Fred shows acquistion and it is a faster route. So, what else can be done like this?

How about: Other "foreign" drinks? A few years ago, Brazil was the country drinking Acai...then the Network Marketers' discovered it.

Pretty much did the same thing, found an EXISTING product, re-packaged it and introduced it to the marketplace.

Besides Food, what else can be done like this? How about household chemicals? A "greener" solution to harsh cleaning supplies?

But then, it really doesn't matter about the product, because some of you have come across good to great products, it is about being able to exploit them and bring them to the market, about distribution, shelf-space and marketing.

Creation? Our friend Erik Lukas and his Bean and Body coffee line is an example of a guy who didn't wait for anything, and it is my opinion, that if Erik gets over a certain little hump, he'll be an amazing success story. I've had his product, I've watched other people comment on his product and he has a chance of being a HUGE success (and his partners of course)... www.beanandbody.com (http://www.beanandbody.com)

But what if you don't have the deep pockets of a Paul? HOW can you acquire a product, have the package developed and bring it to the market? And there is the information that comes far before any course you might be waiting for.

BASIC business information that comes from study and doing.

From study and DO ing. From STUDY AND DOING.

What can be done with vodka, beer or coffee can be done with bug spray, carpet cleaning and window washing products too...

BUT, an understanding of marketing and distribution would be a solid foundation on which to build any toll position.


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