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April 9, 2010, 07:21 PM
and you now realize how easy it is to find products, albeit, not every find is great.

What Bob has learned and a couple of others the past couple of years is that we are nation full of inventors and creative types. Hundreds of thousands of products have been developed and abandon. Why?
Well, the inventor almost always thinks, EVERYONE will want one.

The reality is, getting a product to market isn't a piece of cake. And getting shelf space or distribution is often a sticking point.

But to Bob's credit, and to a couple of other people...at least you have been looking and trying.

NOW I may have been a stumbling block for some, my "hit the bal" style of teaching doesn't suit everyone, in fact, only about 10%...which is why I had 5 PGA professionals teaching for me.

I've got scores of hours of audio from Harvey that I listen to...and it was not easy for me to get my head around the MINDSET concpet too...I felt, like so many, just give the steps and I'll do it.

But what Harvey patiently taught me was, NO, the mindset is the answer, everything else can be learned.

What is the mindset? It is knowing and seeing and penciling out the result...then building a step by step ladder or "process" that will make the result happen...AUTOMATICALLY...if you build the rungs from the bottom of the building to the top...but, you must first clearly see the result from the top.

That just about sums up Harvey's "mindset" philosophy, but it requires a lot...NO, A LOT of thinking and figuring out what can go wrong, how to avoid that, how to PLAN, how to take the right action...before you ever take any.

It is why he doesn't need to be like the gurus, who are constantly "launching products" and reinventing themselves and coming up with the latest and greatest PITCH...because they have short term thinking put into their products. He OUTTHINKS them, and then when he pulls the trigger, there is NO need to scramble, he is prepared to deal with whatever comes up, whatever obstacles there are, whatever it is in his way...he's already prepared for that.

Bob (or any Toll Position seeker), my question would be...do you clearly see your goal and is it in writing for the next two years? Do you have all the steps planned out? Are your rungs on the side of the building built? IN YOUR MIND?

And if the answer is anything other than YES, then your project isn't Harvey Brody "approved". IF you have done the heavy thinking in the beginning, then you can march comfortably toward the goal knowing it is going to happen and when.

Gordon Alexander

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