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Dien Rice
April 13, 2010, 10:55 PM
Hi Dien:

I was wondering if there is any new information regarding Harvey Brody's new updated Toll Position Course?

Do you have a time frame as to when it might finally be released?
Hi Bob,

Sorry for my delayed reply... The project is progressing along. There is no set date for when the new course will appear, however.

Keep in mind, a project like this is not just about writing a course. You also have to plan and build the infrastructure around selling the course, providing customer service, and so on. We also have to make sure we have systems in place to satisfy all government regulations. In the end, we want to make sure that everyone is happy, and that we end up with customer "elation"!

As you know, Harvey currently runs an extremely successful business, with only two others (it's a 3-person company). He does that by utilizing his knowledge of "toll positions" - in multiple ways. Did you know, knowing about "toll positions" can even help many people in paid employment? I've been amazed by how widely applicable Harvey's concepts are...!

Anyhow, as Gordon has said before, Harvey is not a "Ready, Fire, Aim!" kind of person. Any new business he starts proceeds along a plan which has proven itself successfully, over and over, countless times in the past.

All this planning means that his businesses typically keep making money for decade after decade (as long as he wants to keep running them)... He doesn't have to "reinvent" himself every year or two...

Best wishes,


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