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Old November 18, 2014, 11:31 AM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
Posts: 748
Default How to Get a MEGA-MILLIONAIRE To CALL You with a Self Referral Email System

Thanks Dien,

with a Self Referral Email System"

Roger Dawson now Charges Big Corporations $100,000.00 a Presentation.
Plus Hundreds more per SalesPerson - for WorkShop Materials.

As You Know...

Over the Years I've Interviewed 100's of self made millionaires. Even
got One Billionaire to Call me on the phone. That was a hoot.

Here's One of The Strategies I Use to REFER Myself
to these Talented - Busy People in such a way that

And are Forced - out of Self Interest and Ego - to Email me back
and call me.

EMPATHY is Important.

Let's Step into Roger Dawson's Shoes.


***What does he want?

***What does he NEVER Get Enough of?




Stories he can Tell from the front of the room about the SUCCESS of His
ideas, methods and materials.

Still Thinking Like Roger?


Just Suppose You Got This Email sent thru your Website?

Thank You Roger,

Just Found Your Website.

Wanted to Say "THANK YOU" for creating that "Time and People Management"
Course you sold thru Nightingale & Conant - years ago.

I'd Never Managed People Before.

Or Worried About Being Late for Meetings, Appointments.

Or had to Keep track of 1000's of details - day after week after month.

I got a Job at a University - "Maintenance Co-Ordinator."

Using The System You Described to Track 5000 Realtors
I started to Successfully Juggle...

A - 100's of employees

B - 1000's of Apartments and Dorm Room - each of which needed Repairs,
parts, painting.

C - My Boss, His Boss, Student Life and other University Bigwigs.

An Impossible NIGHTMARE.

Except I carried your "Time and Management System."

I put it in a Fake Leather 3-Ring Binder and carried it Everywhere.

NOBODY ELSE could keep up with all the Details but me.

A - I got promoted to Maintenance SuperVisor for 1/2 of Student Housing.

B - Then All of Student Housing

C - Then my boss Added All of Housekeeping

D - Soon I was Asst Director of Housing. (These was no Director)

800 Employees.

24/7 Responsibility for the entire 100 acre campus.


I'd Love to Thank You - In Person - By Phone.

I have some Funny Stories to share.

Thanks again,
Glenn Osborn

ACTION SUMMARY - (Basically - You Take Action with ONE of Their Ideas
Then TELL Them About it.)

Roger Called Me Up.

Which is How I know he Charges 100Grand.

How I know he doesn't sell his ideas thru others Like "Nightingale Conant" anymore.

Because he TOLD ME How He and his Daughter Keep ALL the money!

And I DID tell him some funny stories
about how I used his Time Management System
to keep Appointments with Angry Parents.

(Prove What was done - by showing them my SYSTEM.)

Got Called into to Meet the Fire Marshall
and the Insurance Company who DID
not want to pay for Fire Damage - when kids put a pizza in the oven
without knowing a room-mate put the pizza box in the broiler - underneath.

BURNT the roof off their Building!

(I Showed the Big Brass the Fire Extinguisher Checks and Replacements Logged
For that Apartment Complex - Right there In Rogers System. Much better than any Day Planner I ever Saw.)

Roger told me lots and lots about
how he had changed his business.

Controls all the money.

Does his own Selling and Negotiating
of Consulting and Speaking Gigs.

Glenn Osborn

P.S. - Recently - I've Discovered This System Can Reduce My WorkLoad
with Clients. Make it EASY for them to get my Marketing ideas done.


So I found myself Walking Clients and Ezine readers thru My Version
Of Rogers "Time, Details & People Management System."

I FIGURED - if it worked for me to manage 800 Employees. 24/7 Fires, floods,
Students cutting holes in walls, kicking in doors, rolling 2000 lb cement
trash containers down hills - thru ground level apt walls.

It Should Really Help my Clients and Ezine Readers APPLY Marketing
ideas on top of their Regular Jobs and Part time Business.

Created an E-book or Manual
to save myself Hours on the phone.

And Share The Simple but Powerful (Paper - Pen - 3-Ring Binder)
System - Which never Crashes due
to a computer glitch and costs NOTHING
to create - For others I don't have time
to help IN PERSON.

It's one of my Most Popular and Best Selling E-products.

BECAUSE it will Change Your Life.

***YOU Get Promoted.

***Lots of Folks Get A RAISE cuz they can suddenly do 10X MORE WORK
Effortlessly. (But the Boss Doesn't know it's EASY.)

***YOU MAKE MORE MUNNY - Because You can Run a 2nd and a 3rd Company
just as easily as ONE. Instead of out of your head. The System Helps
do the YUCKY Stuff - for you.

You Can Adapt Rogers Systems to Become Nearly Super-Human -
especially compared to others around you.

Your Wimpy -ignorant- Competitors.

Click Here to Check it out...
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