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Old February 18, 2017, 02:01 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
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Default The Woo - Woo Side of Flirt Tipping/Paying-It-Forward

Thanks Gordon,

A mentor who has Raised 2 Billion dollars for non-profits and charities
has a favorite saying, "The more people I help the luckier I get."

Just Suppose You Could Help Lots of People by Flirt Tipping at Wal-Mart
And Restaurants and other local stores and ATTRACT
Moolah to yourself from ELSEWHERE.

You Draw Your Own Conclusions
but This is What Happened to me This past week.

a - Last week I ordered a 50.00 Box of Super Spinach
Liquid Herb Energy Shots. Intending to Flirt Tip them to Waitresses who need
Extra Energy.

b - I drank one myself to test. And my cold and flu sniffles went away.

c - Told a sick friend MY RESULTS and HE drank one. And said he felt better.

d - I also ordered a 37.00 box of Herbal Wgt Loss Pills that a gal grossing
100 million a yr told me about. Ate 2 and didn't get hungry for 9 hours.

e - Told a guy at a party my Personal NOT HUNGRY Experience & my plan
to feed some of the ladies at all night grocery stores - some of the wgt loss Herb
Pills to build up some Testimonials.

f - Jerry Insisted on trying them. So I went out to the car and Got him
4 herb pills. (Dunno what happened yet - with Jerry.)

g - Plus I tipped 2 waitresses with yellow rubber Ducks

h - Gave the same two ladies a Choice of Getting a Donald Trump BILL
as a tip of a REAL 1.00 Bill. They Chose THE DONALD.

i - Tipped 5 Cooks in The Kitchen With THE DONALD or REAL Dollars.

j - Sent a client a FLYING ELEPHANT for his Wedding Gift
(It has rubber bands inside. When you shoot it against a wall it TRUMPETS
Like a wild Elephant. WISH I could be a Fly on the wall when The WIFE Opens
that gift!)

k - Thanked a New Ezine member Who Sent me 195.00
by Sending HIM a Flying Cow.

l - Total Stranger spent 39.00

m - David - who owns 3 horse farms - who I have not talked to in 10 years
sends me 50.00 for a copywriting book. And Ordered Super Spinach.


I got Lucky at the Grocery Store Last Night -

SOUP was on Sale - I saved 70 cents per can!

I bought 50 cans - which will last me 6 months or more.

35.00 In My Pocket
cuz I buy soup all
thru the year anyway.

And then.

The Cash Register lady and I got to talking and laughing after I tipped
her a LOTTO ticket.

While I took food OUT of my cart.
She Bagged it and piled it on the counter behind her.

Then she Handed Me Double Bag After Double Plastic Bag
of Canned Soup. LAUGHING because nobody ELSE had ordered so much soup.

When I drove 15 miles to my house
and un-packed.

I found 3 big Pizzas in my pile of food.

I Debated.

Drive back - maybe get the nice lady in trouble.



I decided to EAT the 3 Pizzas - and bring some of my friends
to that store to shop. Balance things without getting the Cashier in trouble.

I looked up the Pizza Prices - at the store website:

6.99 each pizza X 3 = 21.00


LUCKY SHOPPING in ONE NITE - 21.00 PLUS 35.00 = 56.00

3 New Buyers - Out of the Blue
All on the SAME Day - Who already spent over 300 bucks.

Just Sharing the fact that I Get LUCKIER IN ALL DIRECTIONS when I
Pay it Forward and Flirt tip waitresses and clerks and cooks.

AND TALKING about my plans of What to Flirt Tip Next
to people at parties and friends -- Creates Testimonials when They INSIST on
Testing out new products.


What can I do if folks INSIST on Buying Stuff I Give Away in my Flirt

As Sergeant Friday used to say on the old cop show,
"Just The Facts, ma'am."

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