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June 18, 2022, 12:54 AM
Thanks Gordon,

Just sent You Ten Bucks for The AVATAR Report.

I can always Use another View Point. (I help people 1000's of miles away. Cuz I
can SEE Them and Their Biz More Clearly than They can. I Am No Different.)

Here in Maryland where I live.

My power goes out REGULARLY.

Trees fall on the lines.

Idiot Drivers go too fast on new asphalted country road. HIT a KINK in The Road
And EEEEEK. Car in the gutter.

3 Times cars have Killed Telephone poles in the last year.

12 to 24 hrs without JUICE.

AND all this BEFORE 100 Degree Heat.


P.S. - I also have a cheap Camping Stove. All I need are twigs and dry leaves.
Sun or no sun.

I can Cook.

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