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June 19, 2022, 08:38 AM
Eight bucks for the Secret Path was a steal of a deal. Appreciated being able to compare notes, too.

I like his use of graphics and pictures. No big block of texts, and his header and footer. There was a time I went to the trouble to make headers, often little pics of me, which I also used as a watermark, and would put in the center and fade it out...that was before I realized it didn't matter.

Your work is going to get stolen. Impossible to protect around the world. So, I made sure to include (oft, but not always), either free gifts or EASTER EGGS in many of my reports where only those on my "list" would receive them.

It got rid of a large % of those who like to BLACK HAT other people's stuff.

In reality, it shouldn't be a concern, because once you accept it, you can use it as a way to filter or screen out people.

I also like how Jimmy doesn't use huge blocks of text, and they have a visual rhythm to them, a thing I use in much of my work, to more or less manipulate eye movement, because there is an optimal eye movement process.

So the graphics are a big deal. Font and layout are good too, I've seen too many reports (especially from Warriors) that use oversize fonts and small margins to come up with a few extra pages and it just doesn't work.

But the #1 thing about SECRET PATH is, it makes you think. What is my avatar? How do I come across to my prospects? Am I being authentic?

Can I have more than one, or combine some of his, or add to the Wizard, or use the Brain, or whatever. It makes one think that old Bobby Burns was right (with great apologies to those who appreciate poetry)...

when in his very Anglicized version of his poem goes:

"What a gift our godie gives us,
to see ourselves as others see us"

Although I'm fine with O wad some power our giftie...etc.

If nothing else, my opinion is, for 8 bux, hard to find a better MODEL or TEMPLATE even, of what a nice report looks like. It has held up.

So take another look, and SEE how nice of a report it is, great content, visual appeal, and flows and reads nicely.


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