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June 18, 2022, 09:08 AM
It was the days like this that had me chatteling some Honda generators a few years back, keeping a good one for just such occassions. I truly appreciate and are envious of your country lifestyle.

I'm just too old for that, needing creature comforts, like AC. Every time I read about you chopping wood, clearing brush, breaking out the sickle, or washing clothes...I get so tired I have to take a nap...in my very AC bedroom.

I think I need to resource some Generators too, there will be a lot of demand for them this summer.

Thanks for getting the Secret Path report, we can compare notes after you read it.


Thanks Gordon,

Just sent You Ten Bucks for The AVATAR Report.

I can always Use another View Point. (I help people 1000's of miles away. Cuz I
can SEE Them and Their Biz More Clearly than They can. I Am No Different.)

Here in Maryland where I live.

My power goes out REGULARLY.

Trees fall on the lines.

Idiot Drivers go too fast on new asphalted country road. HIT a KINK in The Road
And EEEEEK. Car in the gutter.

3 Times cars have Killed Telephone poles in the last year.

12 to 24 hrs without JUICE.

AND all this BEFORE 100 Degree Heat.


P.S. - I also have a cheap Camping Stove. All I need are twigs and dry leaves.
Sun or no sun.

I can Cook.

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