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June 15, 2022, 03:02 PM
We are in for a long HOT summer, which isn't good.

Today, here in Northeast Ohio we're closing in on 100 degrees. Just too hot to even leave the house. So, as I bask in the AC (hoping the power doesn't go out) I'm doing a lot of "computer cleaning", so far I've gone through all my angelfire and drop box files, found some gold nuggets.

One of them is a great report, which I have the rights to sell, but I did not write it...and my agreement says I can sell it for no less than 8 bucks. OK then, send me 8 bux, via paypal, to gjabiz@yahoo.com and I'll send you the report: THE SECRET PATH: Becoming a How-To Guru, Wizard, or Teacher in Your Niche. By Jimmy Krug.

Forgot I even had it. But I really love it. Great stuff, it helps you to identify your AVATAR, who you want to be or how you want the markets to see you.

Best 8 bux you can spend today other than bags of ice or popsicles.

I have a ton of these "affiliate" type products although I haven't done anything in years with them or with Clickbank, JV Zoo or WarriorPlus or Commission Junction, don't even know if they still exist.

Last big affiliate effort was with Jim Straw's stuff, and did pretty well with that. Sometimes, I forget that other people have some really good stuff too.
We have a Jimmy Brown PLR here too, another guy who created some good work too.

I like his presentation on copywriting, maybe I'll find that today and share it with you, or what I am allowed anyhows.

Although I no longer do affiliate marketing, it is still a viable way to get into IM quickly and easily, although over the years, no one has convinced me it beats creating and OWNING your own Intellectual Property which you can offer PLR if you want, I always prefer to be the owner, not the renter of other people's products.

I've come across some JV things too, from Pete Egler and Skip Rossell and even Bud Riggs, some SowPubbers no longer with us. I enjoyed working with these guys, and they all DID something, Pete and Skip had several little reports and Bud and I had a few on the back burner, we never got around to.

Pete did well with his hunting and fishing guides, Skip with his Craigslist works and Bud very well with headlight cleaning although his love was with pilots and he wrote some great reports about being a pilot.

I've never met a pilot who had more air time or as many take offs and landings as he did over a 25 year career as a crop duster. Bud was also a reknown airplane mechanic too and did consults right up til his death. He had an airstrip and hangar on his 200 acre N.M. Ranch, the Casa Redondo.

Anyhow, as I go through my hard drives, and cd, dvd and usb drives today, sucking on ice, eating homemade ice cream (no beans in this one)...I'll share my discoveries as I find them.

Stay hydrated, stay frosty as some might say.


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