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June 20, 2022, 07:29 PM
Thanks Gordon,

Not an Expert.

But If Memory Serves - Some Guy named "Scooter Braun" seems to have bought Taylor Swifts Entire BackLog of Music From Her (FORMERLY TRUSTWORTHY - And Trusted Music Company owner.)

Without Taylor being Given A Chance to buy it herself.


She is RE-RECORDING all her Albums.

YOU ASK, "Why Buy *Taylors Version* of a Album You already Have?


Taylor - Has Include All kinds of BONUSES and BRIBES.

I - The Original Idea - Recorded On her Phone when She Woke Up. (Taylor DREAMS a Lot of Her Music)

II - The Studio Rough Version

III - 2 or 3 Different TAKES. Variations that she did not sell

IV - A STAR Guest who sings some of Her songs WITH HER.

V - A Travelogue - Where She was When She Thunk of Each Song.

VI - An Audio Recording To Accompany The Music. (What was going on in her Live. And What Emotion she was Trying to Communicate.)


Holy Hades Yes.

Taylors Version of her 1st Few Albums have Put her Back at the TOP of The CHARTS.

HER VERSION of "Old" music is outselling Her Competitors NEW Music.


OH YES - The Music Old "Scooter" bought is not worth Nearly as much now.
TRANSLATED for The Rest of Us who have our CONTENT STOLEN.

Using Taylor's Model.

Pretty EZ to Add Bonus Reports, Interviews, And Links to Added Value info.


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