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December 8, 2006, 09:53 PM

Thanks for Wondering.

I've posted many times on this board questioning Tests, Surveys, Polls and the like. And that to just announce the Results without revealing anything about How those results were obtained, is somewhat misleading. Misleading like a Swedish headline recently which read,

"Swedes Think US Biggest Threat To World Peace."

How did That come about?

SOME Swedes were asked which countries on the Small List were the Biggest threat to world peace.

Of those who responded, 28.9% thought the US was - but - of those 28.9%, 78% of them were self-confessed Liberals/Socialists.

So the results actually meant, 71.1% of Swedes did NOT think the US was a threat to world peace. BUT, by a Tricky Headline Twist, the Reading Public is Misled.

One cannot give reasons WHY something is flawed unless one knows what is involved, yes?

Look at the test. It gives a determination based on nothing more than the SPEED at which you made a selection. It then calls that result a Preference. Which YOU are now calling a Racism Test. So Already the twisting has begun.

As to your... we've sent our guys to anti-racism class, or whatever, THAT would actually make Me NOT do business with them. And those in the Group being marketed to, Know it's a BS stunt.

The only True way to sway those in the Group is, if the Boss, writer, whomever, is ALSO part of that group. It's about having an Affinity. And sending people to some Lame Course doesn't get you Affinity.

Michael Ross

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