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December 6, 2006, 11:19 AM
Seems like a lot of folks pretty are bad mouthing the test.

I imagine in the words of Hannity he might say" it's a plot by
Harvard libs to expose white guilt" and that idea is certainly
plausible but not likely I think.

And i can't help but wonder if that attitude developed before
or after taking the test... and seeing the results.


Yes Richards got heckled by some black guys and if they heckled him
by means of racial slurs then maybe we can see why he came
back at them in the same manner but as far as I know Richards
is not saying that.

Here's some other takes:

If Richards was actually funny at what he did then we would've never
heard about what he did. It seems you get away with racial humor as long
as you're funny, i.e. Richard Pryor and Dice Man to a much lesser extent.

I've heard Lenny Bruce and he could nail an audience member with sharp wit. I also believe what one comedian from Dien's link said about Richards. He was trying to imitate Lenny Bruce and something went horribly wrong.

If you are in business think about this.

It might be useful really prove you are not prejudice by more than the fact you gave money to the United Negro College Fund or produce your brochures in spanish.

In an earlier post I mentioned how a researcher found that hispanics are extremely responsive to direct mail. You might gain an advantage, if you're non hispanic, by intergrating in some way the scientific proof of non-prejudice this test gives you into your marketing materials. Bottom line people want to do business with people that they think (truly) like them.

So for example you know how at the bottom of many brochures and what not it might say...

The Rainbow Company is an equal opportunity employer.

Me too marketing isn't it?

What if you could say:

The Rainbow Company is an equal opportunity employer. All our senior executives have undergone 30 hours of anti-discriminatory education. All of our senior executives are proven to be believe in a colorblind society as certified by the Harvard Racial Tolerance test

Pretty powerful statement that you mean business, don't you think?

Now suppose that hispanic direct mail customer reads a statement like that versus the first one?

Who do you think they'll want to do business with first?

So take the test if you pass it go to this color of money (http://www.squidoo.com/colorofmoney/) site and others to let people know you're not (negatively) prejudice.

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