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December 5, 2006, 04:13 AM

Thanks for linking to those tests.

I took the white/black test. And see a Fundamental Flaw in the test and the supposed Results it provides. And based on those flaws, see the Majority of people that take the test show a preference for whites.

The flaws are...

1: The Order in which the photos are first displayed with the words. We learn, not that something is good/bad but which Side to allocate those words AND pictures. As We Think In Pictures, it makes sense we then associate the Good words with Whites. Then, when the sides are changed around - but NOT where the Good/Bad words go, we see delays occur. This gives the "you picked whites and good words quicker than whites and bad words" result. Which is then interpreted as a Preference for whites.

2: Words like Failure are deemed to be Bad words. But what if you think otherwise? Then you need to Pause. As the Pause creates the Preference Result, the result is thus effected by the words chosen.

Overall, quite a Useless test. And it Fails to address any Minority Rights which may help create Disdain for a Group of people. Be they of various ethnicities or political affiliations.

For instance: I am Against coercing others into your good works. And have said as much Many times on this board. Yet, many Groups operate on that premise - lobby/petition the govt to change things for Their good works. The result, I have disdain for the group. And when Asked in such a way, I will freely admit such disdain. BUT, that doesn't mean I have the same disdain for individuals in that group. My disdain is for the Group and what it represents. This is then Twisted by those with an Agenda to mean a disdain for the individuals in that group.

To suggest people take a Tolerance Test to Prove their tolerances, smells of Liberalism to me. And becomes just another Weapon in the push for More disunity and more rights to minority groups. Won't take the test? Must be a racist then.

You cannot Mandate tolerance. Even when people are equal in as many regards as you can think of, THEY will find ways to segregate themselves.

My take?

Let 'em.


Get over it. There are plenty of things in this world you might not like. Words like: niggar, spick, mick, spook, coon, spear chucker, honky, homes, homo, poof, lesso, dike, shirt lifter, girls blouse, girl (for a guy), wuss, fag, tree hugger, moon bat, whinging pom, dumb pollack, wog, wop, spade, grease ball, right wing nut job, dummycrat, red neck, chink, ching, nip, slap, slope, towel head, crout, gerry, white trash, frog, and so on and so forth.

So Richards said Niggar. Certainly no need to make an International Scene about it (thanks, media). Hey, no-one gave a rat's when Dave Allen used to lay it on thick on the Catholics (cattle ticks).

Maybe we should do what some Muslims did... RIOT if we see a cartoon we don't like.

Man, people just need to turn down their Sensitivity Meters and get on with their life instead of worrying about what some comedian said.

Michael Ross

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