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January 15, 2009, 04:43 AM
I've done this several times: Go into MACY'S and ask one of the cashiers these two q's... "How many cash registers are there in this store?" then -- "How many CASHIERS?" -- This is to point out that there are many, many of the former, and almost none of the latter.

So, it's not just a lack of training, it's a lack of employees! There's no one to train, even if you did train them!

I don't know if Kennedy also pointed out (I'd be surprised if he didn't) that "sales"people almost never use these two "marketing miracle cures:"

1) Ask the customer, "Where/how did you hear of us?"

2) Ask the customer, "Would you like to sign up to be on our VIP email list?"

This difference between clerk/order-taker and salesperson is analogous to the difference between passive web-based marketing and OUTgoing, proactive marketing (like direct mail + telemarketing).

It's the difference between catching and throwing. The difference between being a dartboard, and being a dart.

One is waiting for customers to reach you, and the other is going out and reaching QUALIFIED potential customers -- whether they want to be reached, or not.

Seems like a no-brainer to me -- but I think many businesses can't even tell the difference.

-- TW

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