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L.B. Jenkins
January 18, 2009, 01:34 PM
Sandy, Sandi, or Sandee, (All females I know who spell their names like this),

L.B., sorry to have to disagree with you. I sold menswear and motorcycles/parts for years and was never (trust me on that!) a customer. :D

I never said you had to be a customer of the place you worked. I said a salesman IS A customer first. Meaning, that each of us are customers, when we buy groceries, clothing, fuel, & etc...

When we are out shopping we assume the roll of a customer and judge those who do or do not service us the way we believe we should be treated while in their establishment.

I have also hired,trained, motivated, and managed more salespeople than I can remember over the years. My number one requirement from any prospective salesperson was to have a definite customer orientation. That means a definite desire to help and serve the needs of the customer. Without that, you have a lot of hot air and not much substance. You can train, motivate, and waste a lot of time and still get duh results without the basic underlying drive to be helpful, to the max, to the customers.

I think, basically, we're on the same page but have different ways and words to express things.

If you want to get a salesperson long term attention, you have to hit them where it counts. Their pocket books! All the training, motivating, counseling, feel good seminars can never address this better then when a custom says, "No thanks!"

Why? Because everything else wears off, even management's intention to get their people motivated. The loss of income never wears off and is the most powerful means to get your sales staff on board or unemployed.

Every salesperson I've trained over the years, I always come back to this basic sales foundation, when they start whining or complaining about customers.

When they belly ache that they have done all they know to do, I simple remind them, "Did you treat them the way you would want to be treated?"

Treat your customers how you want to be treated and they will line your pockets. Treat them differently, and they will withhold what should be yours and give to someone else.

Loss of income is the #1 motivator and equalizer of those who will do it right or those who are just taking up space.

I'm a girl, not a guy, please spell Sandi with an 'I'. ;)

Sandi Bowman

As stated above, women are no longer strapped to a gender on how to spell their name.

However, I deeply apologize for offending you.

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