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L.B. Jenkins
January 17, 2009, 02:58 PM
Retailers have simply gotten lazy in what they want their staff to do. They do not want them to sell, which is why they offer them an hourly wage.

It's easy for us to point our finger at the lazy or rude cashier. What can you expect from an hourly worker? They have no incentive to strive and out do themselves when there is no monetary incentive. And if an employee is rude or lazy, then it falls back on the retailer.

I can assure you that if that same employee came in knowing that they were hired on a 90 day salary, then were going to be placed on straight commissions on day 91, that same retailer would see a different type of sales person.

If I have to blame any one it is the retailer, who has given up on sales personnel and is only wanting to hire people to tend their stores, stock their shelves, and answer questions with vague solutions.

Sandy, I would like to comment on what you said:

"A salesperson, on the other hand, is first of all customer oriented."

Customer oriented is subjective and each prospect has their own version of what this is, which is why a salesperson cannot be that.

A salesperson is a "CUSTOMER" first.

Once a salesperson begins realizing that they are also a customer and how they expect to be treated by salespeople, then they will begin to view their customer with the same commitment they would want other salespeople treating them.

It all goes back to the golden rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do to you".

Sadly, retailers are not interested in sales training, just profit gaining.

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