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February 26, 2010, 01:10 PM

First, I've gotten many terrific ideas from you over the years, and I'd like you to do me a favor (relevant to my answering your questions)...

Go to Google Maps and type in Tallmadge, OH...and use the satellite feature and zoom in until you see the circle and the "spokes" coming out of it.

The reason? This reminds me of YOU and your business. YOU go off in many different directions, BUT, you have a central hub where all the spokes are connected. Down one road it could be NLP use, down another chocolate and network marketing, down another eBay use...but all things come together at the center (which is YOU) and are controlled from there.

Now my opinion on HOTSHEETS for you. ONE hotsheet I'd sugges is a small booklet for your chocolates. Richard Dennis sent me one of these for his $10,000.00 Diet Cookie. It is made from ONE single piece of paper, folded and stapled and it fits into a wallet or pocket. His group attaches a cookie to it and passes it out. I think you'd find some success with this method in addition to what you are currently doing.

The little booklet, the HOTSHEET, is the "keeper" sales message/recruiter and it is 4 color and really NEAT. You might do the same thing with a big red nose (with chocolate inside?) and the HOTSHEET.

Below is #2, about gardening...Our old friend, Mike McGroarty (the Dumb OL Dirt Farmer) is having great success with his www.freeplants.com (http://www.freeplants.com). I would imagine his group and other gardening groups would appreciate some specialized information, delivered in a quick to read HOTSHEET would be well received.

#4 about pntbter (practicing my twittering) and roaches...down here in FL they give them less offensive names, June Bugs, Palmetto Bugs...but a roach is a roach is a roach and they are big business...that sounds like a good HOTSHEET to me

With your "many spokes" type of business, I'd be inclined to use HOTSHEETS as lead generators, to get names of those interested in other ideas. Truthfully, I give away far more HOTSHEETS than I sell, but I've build some great, RESPONSIVE, albeit small, lists from these because at least I know they have interests in the subject matter.

You can hire someone very cheaply to convert your articles into HOTSHEETS, start spreading them around for free, pass onto your lists or share them with others (like Mike McGroarty for example) and have another source of lead generation...and I KNOW you are great at closing the sale once you have their interest.

If it is OK with Richard Dennis, I'll pass along his template, or perhaps he'll post it up and maybe he can get a few leads for his diet cookie business.


PS. Here is a link to my two personal favorite HOTSHEETS I've created.

http://www.angelfire.com/biz/gjbiz/attention.pdf and


Dear Gordon,

Thanks for the post of your "OLD" Report.

I visited lots of great links.

Found a site that sells, "HOT SHEETS" for 2.00 each.


I've written up some Topics that were successful and Popular as articles or E-products elsewhere.

Which one of them do you think I should Pick to start? To write up as a Hot Sheet?

You've written a bunch of them
that sell well.

Which is WHY I ask your advice.

I have no experience in the hotsheet market niche.

So I'm hoping you will share a bit of your expertise.

Glenn Osborn

#1 - Throw Away Your Socks and Save 52 Wasted Hrs A Year
#2 - Confessions of an Angry Gardener Whose Dad Kills Whatever He Plants
#3 - Lose Weight By Eating This Entire Casserole That Feeds Five
#4 - Peanut Butter Traps - Why I Havenít Had Roaches in 15 Years
#5 - How To Build a Mouse Trap w/A Shoe string, A Bucket and Chocolate
#6 - My Dentist is MAD - Why I Donít Have Cavities Anymore
#7 - How To Heat A Room for $50 or Less a Month

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