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February 25, 2010, 09:26 AM
You can download the report, Before You Buy Anything 2007 edition here:

If you have a web site you'd like me to include in the 2010 version, even your own, let me know and I'll check into it. No promises or guarantees, but the 2010 edition will be dynamite.

Gordon Jay Alexander


Hi Gordon, Its great that you are back!

I wanted to share how one paragraph in your report has positively impacted my life. That paragraph is. . .

"Corey Rudl did a great job of selling himself first, then his marketing program. That is why I encourage you to develop your own products, even today. This is especially important for writers and photographers and graphic artists."

For years I promoted other peoples products from MLM / Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing and buying reprint rights to products like Don Alm's Midas Report, but aside from eBay, the only decent money I ever made selling or marketing someone else's products were David Ashley's Night Vision Address Signs and Reflective Curb-Lite House Numbers from www.AddressAmerica.com and I'd like to nominate his site to be included in your report.

Due to moving to Australia in 2004 I could no longer continue to work the Address America business system so I went back to earning a living with my camera. But after reading your report I decided as a photographer I really needed to follow your advice and focus on creating and marketing my own products.

I'm happy to report that by focusing on all the advice in your report, my wife and I now have two websites marketing our own products. One is www.MomsWithCamera.com and the other is www.DigitalFantasyBackgrounds.com What's really great is most of our customers return to buy over and over and they are always raving about how much they love our products and services! There are still occasional system glitches with shopping carts and download links not always working as they should but overall we are very pleased with the publics reaction!

Your free report has help us and many others. Thank you for all you do!


PS... There are some interesting products down under that may fit Harveys criteria. Any word from him lately?

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