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February 26, 2010, 03:33 PM
Tallmadge circle is one of the busiest "intersections" in the country...and a first timer can get confused and miss his/her exit several times while going around. It is fun to watch, but gets kinda dizzy if you are a passenger.

In the 50's they would "close" the circle for special events, like Halloween. Even today they close it a couple of times a year for parades and events.

Speaking of Joe Sugarman (one of my favs) it made me think of Harvey Brody as the Circle.

The "spokes" that come out of Harvey include Joe Sugarman (who was a houseguest with Harvey), Gary Halbert, Jay Abraham, Ben Suarez and so many other modern marketers.

It is funny how they all have this connection to Harvey, who keeps on rolling along and is still as excited as a kid in candy store...which would be on the corner of South and Southeast Ave.s in Tallmadge, where the great Bumpas Drug Store (and later Emporium) stood. For a nickel I could get a handfull of candy.

YOU too have stimulated me for some good ideas...thanks, as always.


PS. Dien is posting up my 15 minute mp3 about Spiders, Snakes and Mice, OH MY. My first sales experience, which took place on Maryann Drive, the first road off of West Ave. in Tallmadge, OH, in 1959. The field where I picked the flowers was at the location now occupied by Serpentini Chevy. When Dien came to Ohio, I took him there and we saw a hanfull of dandelions breaking through the dirt in the backs, remnant sentinels of "Flower Power Selling"...be sure to listen to the mp3 when it is posted, I think you'll like it.

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