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February 25, 2010, 07:44 PM
Dear Gordon,

Thanks for the post of your "OLD" Report.

I visited lots of great links.

Found a site that sells, "HOT SHEETS" for 2.00 each.


I've written up some Topics that were successful and Popular as articles or E-products elsewhere.

Which one of them do you think I should Pick to start? To write up as a Hot Sheet?

You've written a bunch of them
that sell well.

Which is WHY I ask your advice.

I have no experience in the hotsheet market niche.

So I'm hoping you will share a bit of your expertise.

Glenn Osborn

#1 - Throw Away Your Socks and Save 52 Wasted Hrs A Year
#2 - Confessions of an Angry Gardener Whose Dad Kills Whatever He Plants
#3 - Lose Weight By Eating This Entire Casserole That Feeds Five
#4 - Peanut Butter Traps - Why I Havenít Had Roaches in 15 Years
#5 - How To Build a Mouse Trap w/A Shoe string, A Bucket and Chocolate
#6 - My Dentist is MAD - Why I Donít Have Cavities Anymore
#7 - How To Heat A Room for $50 or Less a Month

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