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ron lafuddy
November 24, 2014, 05:02 PM
Ha, ha, ha, far right wing activist. That's cute. I'd bet you would wilt if you ever came face to face with one. Not being argumentative at all. Just stating fact. If you ever come my way, I'll introduce you to several and we'll see how far you are.

Radical right winger, ha, ha, ha. Love it. At the first sign of the jack boots looking his way, I bet he would melt. Just an observation from afar.

Mind you this politics stuff has absolutely no impact on all the good ideas you present on this forum. I simply believe far right wing activists don't tell people they are far right wing activists. I bet you know why so I'll skip the narrative.

Other than that brother, have a wonderful day. Semper fi and all that stuff...


When you consider how far left leaning some of
the folks in Don's neck of the woods are...it's not a
stretch to think that, by their standards, Don would
be considered far right.

Know what I mean?

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