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November 20, 2014, 12:10 PM
Hmph, thought I'd pipe in. Fear is:


Accept that and you're on your way to being who you define yourself to be. I read Don's postings about us losing and laugh. I didn't go to Viet Nam but still did 20 with Uncle Sam so I can identify, to a degree, with some of his remarks.

As for the guvmint has won, they always did win. Ask the Indians. Ask the various peaceful movements that tried to make a difference. Ask the real conservatives in this country.

Unfortunately you have to pick a side. You are either for or against the status quo. If you are for it, well, you are on the gravy side of the ledger. If you are against it, you are on the mashed potato side of the ledger.

Now that doesn't mean you lost. You simply have to change your tactics. I won't go into my past activities but I will tell you there is always a way to come out far better than when you went in. I am living proof sans examples.

I personally won't talk about it so you'll have to take my word. As for Don's wailing of tears and gnashing of teeth, guess what, get over it. Pissing and moaning on this forum won't change anything.

What the hell have you done to change the system? Were you ever in the streets raising hell with the bureaurats? Probably not. Too effing busy making your own way.

For one, I like Don's ideas. For another though, get off the pity pot and do something substantial to change the situation you don't like. For example, those down and out friends you helped to get back on their feet. Now that is doing something to change the situation. Keep doing that and you'll die a happy man.

The people NEVER win. Keep that in mind. They have an army of police working to insure they don't. Even if we had an overthrow of the present regime, what would take its place? Another effing regime.

Here's something else that'll piss you off Don. Civil asset forfeiture. Read about it or if you don't care to, I'll send you several articles that'll help you understand how the people dig their own effing graves.

It has been a pleasure reading your posts and I'm sorry to see you go but I bet this forum doesn't dry up and blow away simply because you picked up your toys and went home.

Here's another example. Ferguson MO. The protest groups define justice as the cop being charged with murder. Period. Never mind the evidence. Never mind the circumstances. The only definition of justice for them is him being charged.

See how it works. You define freedom, justice, whatever you want and bingo, if it goes your way, you have it. If it doesn't, you don't. Forget right or wrong or anything else. It has to fit your definition or it is wrong.

This is getting too long so I'll quit. Good luck to you.


P.S. One last example. Property taxes. They are a permanent lien against that house you say you own. How can you own it if you have a permanent lien against you? Don't pay your taxes and watch what happens to "your" house. Yessir, the government has won and you are financing their victory.

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