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Dien Rice
November 19, 2014, 05:58 PM
Here's how I've gotten so many "money-making" ideas (By being AWARE of what's going on around me)

When I sold my Burglar Alarm biz and went to the mountains of Colorado (Aspen) (from the suburbs of Chicago).....as I was driving into "SKI-Town USA" (as it was called in those days) in an evening when all the Town Lights were on......one thing that hit my brain was; "Holy Camoly! Look at ALL those biznesses that need help getting MORE bizness!

WOWEE! ZOWEE! I can't wait to get out there and begin "picking up money"!

So....indeed, entering the town of Aspen, CO....I decided to stop into a "Locals" bar. Why? Because....I knew (from personal experience) the "mover's & shakers" (also known as, the owners of local biznesses) usually stopped in for a "Toddy" around 3pm.

So...after asking a pedestrian where the "Locals" bar was.....
Hi Don,

Thanks for sharing those insights!

It's a great story of entrepreneurial initiative... :)

Certainly keeping your eyes and ears open leads to new opportunities...! Getting to know people can help you to get to know what they need...

With a bit of "gumption" (as you showed), you can provide it to them (for a profit)...

Thanks for sharing a great true story of entrepreneurial initiative and just going out and '"making things happen"...!

I remember once, many years ago, we had a thread here at Sowpub about... What would you do if you were suddenly parachuted into a strange town, where you didn't know anybody, and had virtually no assets... How would you start?

I think your story shows one of the best answers... Go to where the "movers and shakers" hang out... Because it's through the "movers and shakers" that you will often find the opportunities! (Which can help make you good moolah, in the short run, and in the long run, too!)

Out of all my friends and acquaintances, I've found that the ones which tend to bring me opportunities are the ones who are also themselves out there, "doing something"...

And... even if you're not in a "strange town"... it's still good advice!


Best wishes,


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