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November 23, 2014, 01:51 PM
Fantastic brother. I'm happy you are still alive after tangling with the unions. That could have earned you cement shoes especially if you didn't pay their "tax".

As for helping the candidates, great. Most need all the help they get. Of course when they go to the state house or congress they forget your name unless your name head's the donor list.

That wasn't the activism I was leaning towards but, hey, what the hell, you at least done something 99% of the "stupids" never do. As for whacking you, sorry that was a mere rebuttal to you whacking yourself. Re-read your post and listen to yourself. You do a good job at it and you should be proud that you still have the ability to take a shot at yourself. That's called self deprecating _________ (you fill in the blank).

Wishing you a ton more success,


What the hell have you done to change the system? Were you ever in the streets raising hell with the bureaurats?

I feel I MUST respond;

I grew up in Mayor Daley's regime in Chgo and......I was one of the managers of Chuck Percy's (Republican) campaign for Senator ......which he WON!

I was also on the campaigns for 8 other Republicans running for State Offices in Illinois

I even started a campaign AGAINST the Electrical Unions in Chgo..... from "Bothering" us Alarm Company business owners. Our Alarm Systems were LOW-Voltage and EVERY TIME the Elec Union heard of us installing an Alarm.....they'd show up and Harrass my installers UNLESS I paid them to leave...after they plugged in the Low-Voltage system into a 110 Plug on a wall.

Wow.....I've been one of the BIGGEST RABBLE-ROWSERS in the Chgo area until I moved to Colorado in 1980.

Also......take a minute and click on over to my website.... http://midasreports.com/ and listen to the Audio on top (You Changed My Life)......then scroll down and read some of the "thank you's" for my Stuff.

When this site was active and I was selling stuff....I GAVE AWAY dozens of my reports for fREE.....to people who explained of their HardShip.

So.....b4 whacking someone.....check YOUR facts.

Also......when I have some time later.....I'll post up a photo of ME.... LEADING my church's Veterans Day Float.

Don Alm.......ACTIVIST

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