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Don Alm
November 23, 2014, 01:34 PM
What the hell have you done to change the system? Were you ever in the streets raising hell with the bureaurats?

I feel I MUST respond;

I grew up in Mayor Daley's regime in Chgo and......I was one of the managers of Chuck Percy's (Republican) campaign for Senator ......which he WON!

I was also on the campaigns for 8 other Republicans running for State Offices in Illinois

I even started a campaign AGAINST the Electrical Unions in Chgo..... from "Bothering" us Alarm Company business owners. Our Alarm Systems were LOW-Voltage and EVERY TIME the Elec Union heard of us installing an Alarm.....they'd show up and Harrass my installers UNLESS I paid them to leave...after they plugged in the Low-Voltage system into a 110 Plug on a wall.

Wow.....I've been one of the BIGGEST RABBLE-ROWSERS in the Chgo area until I moved to Colorado in 1980.

Also......take a minute and click on over to my website.... http://midasreports.com/ and listen to the Audio on top (You Changed My Life)......then scroll down and read some of the "thank you's" for my Stuff.

When this site was active and I was selling stuff....I GAVE AWAY dozens of my reports for fREE.....to people who explained of their HardShip.

So.....b4 whacking someone.....check YOUR facts.

Also......when I have some time later.....I'll post up a photo of ME.... LEADING my church's Veterans Day Float.

Don Alm.......ACTIVIST

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