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April 6, 2016, 07:33 PM
Some guy named Osman Majeed runs it It came up because I'm mentoring one of my postcard guys, who seems to be stuck on the 9x12, despite some success with Hosts and Tradeshows

Sigh, some people, just are addicted to complicating the simple...so, I took a look and ran across all that, uh, nonsense?

You are right, who needs a group for selling ads? I guess many people who have brought into the concept of easy money.

I'm constantly amazed why people don't know their own community, and the businesses in it.

Although I've done the 9x12 with variations, the years have taught me to go with those who can afford what you are selling, it saves a ton of time= more moolah.


Don't know much about the facebook group you referenced.
Why would anyone need a group for selling ad programs?
Just get out there and do it.

I've done variations on the variations you've mentioned

Yes, time is of the essence. Get them done in hours, not
days but then, I don't snail mail anything.

It's all about the relationships.

Build those with the right people and you'll do ok.


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