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April 6, 2016, 12:29 PM
OK, this is one of those, "I just don't get it" things, maybe someone can explain.

There is a Facebook Group for people doing 9x12 Co-Op Postcard marketing. One guy, the most active member, has a "process"...

He pays a person to "scrape" business addresses, emails, contact info.
He then sends them a tear sheet which looks like a newspaper article (more expense).
He then calls and/or emails them/talks on phone,
He says it takes 3 weeks, and I assume this is start to finish, but don't know.

Over the last couple of years, I've spoken with many advertising salespeople.

During that time, I've never rec'd a single giant co-op card.

My CONCLUSION, for the sake of cutting to the chase...

why do people value their time so little?

Chasing the bottom feeders of the advertising world, and selling them CO-OP ads, appears to be very TIME INTENSIVE.

Millions of dollars are available in real COOPERATIVE ad money, where the big company has committed dollars to their budgets...

it just doesn't add up.

3-5 weeks, chasing 12, 14 or 16 businesses to go on a coop card, for a net of perhaps, 3,000 (and that is high from the people I've spoken with)


ONE customer, who can afford to mail his own postcard. A simple one call close, to targeted businesses.

I don't get it. But, my math skills are focused on the Net Profit in the quickest and shortest path (time).

You, who are doing 9x12 or a variation, how much value do you put on your time? AND...

Why not just call on those businesses who can afford to do their own and get it done in a matter of days, not weeks?


PS. It isn't really relevant to what I'm doing, just more of a curiosity about why people get involved with so much slop? What is the appeal of a 9x12 co-op? I get co-op postcards, but have evolved my process over the years to streamline and follow the path of least resistance.

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