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June 11, 2017, 02:31 PM
Thanks Steve,

I have two MAMA Groundhogs and 3 babies running around.

When they walk onto the porch.

Eat Grass and clover 6 feet from my front door -- it is war.
(They burrow under the house. A raccoon got into a neighbors
Dug Well and Drowned.)

Set a Humane Trap with cut up apples
where I chased away MAMA Groundhog.

Woke up this morning.

Looked out the Window.

Had a Young DUMBASS Raccoon in the trap. I gave him a scolding. Took
a Picture for my zine. Let him go.


P.S. - ABOUT THE 5 RITES - With the help of scores of Talented Entrepreneurs around the world I've been Slowly Testing and adding to and perfecting the 5 Rites.

Handed down over thousands of years
(No version I've tested) works Well or fast or Enough. (Now in 5 Minutes I am Feeling the MAGIC.)

IF you go on-line - literally 100's of folks have Their
"Take" on how to do it.

The Benefits if you do it CORRECTLY are:

A - You get Younger. (Not kidding. I have friends who ask strangers. "How old do you think Glenn is?")

B - You Feel Extra Energy.


D - RITE #6 - Allows you to SOAK Up or Skim Off - a little bit of Energy
every day and STORE it - like in a battery.


Too Much to Explain here
but Let me know what happens when you TRY -- PANTING For Extra Oxygen -- all thru Rite 1 thru 5.

And all thru Rite #6 -

The PANTING like a Dog Idea -- During Rite #6 - Lets you - As Napoleon Hill Calls it - SUBLIMATE And Absorb EXCESS Energy - so you can Use it later.

Napoleon Hill - the SOB
said, "It's almost impossible to succeed - based on my interviews with the
richest men in the world - unless you can SUBLIMATE your Energy."

But he never explained HOW to do that.

Took me 24 years but I figured
out something that works for me.

And Built an Totally NEW Website
around it.


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