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June 10, 2017, 12:29 AM
Thanks Steve,

I've used my World wide mastermind network to find and test
ideas from many different Fields and many different "Experts."

2 ideas which might help you
if you want to Try them.

1 -Found a Natural Health product
which strengthens Natural immune system so I never get sick. 25 yrs so far without a cold or flu.

2 - Found and improved The 5 Tibetan Rites
AND Improved Rite #6 -
Which allows you to ABSORB Chi
Energy day by day
so I am Feeling Stronger and looking younger.

I couldn't S*ell the info
Cuz it took Weeks before You FELT BETTER. But My Improvements take effect in 24 hrs. So now bUyers are happy.

QUESTION - What are you doing Differently to TAKE CARE of your kidneys?

(EDITORS NOTE - The Reason Why I ask. I know NOTHING about this.
Cuz at age 50 I was FORCED by arthritis pain
to become a vegetarian. A GOOD thing for my health. But tough to shop or
eat in Restaurants when you are Allergic to Flour and Tomatoes and potatoes.


Hi Glenn, My Kidneys are working fine... I was struck down with a really nasty antibiotic resistant bacteria superbug. Everyone thought I was going to die (including me) when my kidneys shut down and 18 pockets of puss formed in my lungs. So in addition to daily kidney dialysis, they had to cut into both sides of my chest in a fruitless attempt to drain my lungs.

The bacteria lives on everyone's skin, it usually isn't a problem unless it somehow manages to get into your bloodstream. Nicked my neck shaving... that let the little buggers in.

I wear a beard now because it could be healthy... (http://www.independent.co.uk/news/science/beards-good-for-health-more-hygienic-bacteria-resistant-than-shaven-skin-study-finds-a6823461.html)

But all is well again!

I think was saved me was I was in pretty good shape when it happened so I had to endure the incredible pain and hang on for days while the doctor tried different combinations of antibiotics.

It was wake up call... now I don't give a Rat's A$$ anymore....

Made me realise how precious, short and wonderful life is.


So yes, money is not as important anymore it's about helping others and creating a great lifestyle and practising healthy habits... Stop Eating Junk, Exercise Daily, Give back to your community, Stay socially involved, take time everyday to meditate and smell the flowers!


I was having a lot of pain in my hips but daily walking and yoga have eliminated 98% of it. And part of my daily yoga routine is doing the Five Tibetan Rites. Would love to know more about your improvement to the Five Tibetan Rites.

Have you read "Ancient Secret Of The Fountain Of Youth?


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