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June 7, 2017, 09:28 PM
Thanks Steve,

I've used my World wide mastermind network to find and test
ideas from many different Fields and many different "Experts."

2 ideas which might help you
if you want to Try them.

1 -Found a Natural Health product
which strengthens Natural immune system so I never get sick. 25 yrs so far without a cold or flu.

2 - Found and improved The 5 Tibetan Rites
AND Improved Rite #6 -
Which allows you to ABSORB Chi
Energy day by day
so I am Feeling Stronger and looking younger.

I couldn't S*ell the info
Cuz it took Weeks before You FELT BETTER. But My Improvements take effect in 24 hrs. So now bUyers are happy.

QUESTION - What are you doing Differently to TAKE CARE of your kidneys?

(EDITORS NOTE - The Reason Why I ask. I know NOTHING about this.
Cuz at age 50 I was FORCED by arthritis pain
to become a vegetarian. A GOOD thing for my health. But tough to shop or
eat in Restaurants when you are Allergic to Flour and Tomatoes and potatoes.



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