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April 16, 2022, 11:39 AM
Thanks Dien,

You remember my friend Phyllis, (RIP), who was a wire jewelry maker when you came to visit. She got really good a couple of years later and her jewelry was in great demand.

I helped her set up a NETWORK of local upscale beauty shops, where they displayed her work on CONSIGNMENT, Network and Consignment are sort of one my signature moves with chatteling.

Anyhow, we don't discuss plans, blueprints, and guides much, although I did cover them in the IP report and in HOTSHEETS.

Here is an example:


It doesn't have to be much, just INFORMATION which is wanted by a niche.



P.S. This etsy marketer not only sells the jewelry, she has dozens of such PDF files on her site too. I suspect, she documents each piece she makes for sale, and then, sells the piece, and in MJ DeMarco Polymorphic style, sells the HOW TO MAKE IT pdf for years to come. See?

I'll say this...

If you ever wanted to get into the "game" of making money from information (and it's a fantastic "game" to get into)... This is a very rare and valuable offer from Gordon... Because it's not always available...

Gordon got me into the information game... And I love it!

Not only will you end up with a product... You'll end up with additional knowhow, too, on how to do it...

If (and I said if) you want to get the money rolling in from selling information... Then I would not ignore this offer from Gordon... As you will then miss out. Then you'll just be left wondering what could have happened...

I started working with Gordon over 20 years ago, and never looked back!

You'll never look back too... :)

Best wishes,


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