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April 13, 2022, 10:11 AM
Gordon, do you do consulting on how to turn around a already running info-business?

My situation: I have 4 different niche e-reports. I advertise all of them only at Facebook Feeds with paid ADS.

Until now only of 2 of them I can sell, but always losing money, not covering Facebook ADS budget.

I am testing different AD layouts and different MARKETS on Facebook audience – I believe those are the keys, I don't think changing MEDIA (for the type of e-books I am selling) will be the solution. Well, of course having a SUPER PRODUCT (a "magic bullet") can be the solution too.

My research was zero: I just intuitively tested different products. Probably this is the obvious solution.

People respond to the AD, send message via Facebook chat, make payment and I send the e-report by Facebook Chat. That's what I am doing.

Not sending to outside landing page. All done by Facebook chat.

Any consulting service available from your side?

Thanks Gordon.

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