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April 13, 2022, 04:42 PM
I'm happy to share freely, here and even by email.

I no longer take people's money for my time (different thing than offering information)...to make up for it, I would have to charge $1,000.00 for the first half hour and $2,000,00 for each additional half hour. So far, no one has been willing to pay my fee.

That doesn't mean I won't offer my opinions, and tell you what I think, and I do that all the time, if you want to send email, mine has been the same for over 20 years now, gjabiz@yahoo.com

Now you already have a pretty good idea of some of the questions, with information it will be much like the NPGS Formula from 7 Steps.


How about a few questions I put in red below, then if you want to continue, shoot me an email, or if you want to buy my time, now you know my rates.

Gordon, do you do consulting on how to turn around a already running info-business?

NO. When I see red flags, such as "turning around", which tells me it is going in the wrong direction, in the past on numerous occasions I've found the owner/founder unwilling to do what is needed. Even then, I default to the NPGS formula, it is what I know, what I've seen and experienced and for over 40 years has produced BILLIONS of dollars in revenue, why deviate now?

My situation: I have 4 different niche e-reports. I advertise all of them only at Facebook Feeds with paid ADS.

Until now only of 2 of them I can sell, but always losing money, not covering Facebook ADS budget.

Are they four different niches? Can the best selling one be scaled up? Can it be expanded? Updated? How did you pick these niches? What are other people doing in them?

See that is the sort of questioning I do via email if you want privacy.

I am testing different AD layouts and different MARKETS on Facebook audience I believe those are the keys, I don't think changing MEDIA (for the type of e-books I am selling) will be the solution. Well, of course having a SUPER PRODUCT (a "magic bullet") can be the solution too.

Too be very blunt, as I am known to be, your belief has nothing to do with the facts. What are the different markets? How are you changing the ads? What is a magic bullet?

My research was zero: I just intuitively tested different products. Probably this is the obvious solution.

Well, honest to Pete, this is flabberghasting, I'm gobsmacked. Your intuition sucks (ask your results/wallet). So I would strongly advise against using your intuition and look for data.

People respond to the AD, send message via Facebook chat, make payment and I send the e-report by Facebook Chat. That's what I am doing.

Not sending to outside landing page. All done by Facebook chat.

OK and this is being done at a loss, you haven't made back the cost of the advertising, right? What feedback have you've had? What questions do you ask the buyers when they do buy from you? Is your avatar not sure about Facebook chat method? And you haven't tested a landing page?

Any consulting service available from your side? NO!

Thanks Gordon.

My consulting questions, IF I did it would be the above with a heavy focus on

Why would anyone want your product? What problem does it solve? What is the urgency in buying it AND why from you if similar info is out there? What have you done to create credibility, authority and why are they interested?

Where are the ads being seen, you know I call this the INTERSECTION and that is where the Promotion meets the Prospect in the given Media and learn about the Product. One or more of those four things is creating your problem.

Have you tried an Automatic Product Vending route?

If we continue with email, and you won't be the first, many of whom can't answer the basic questions like what do you want and why?

Then I would ask you what do your customers want and why?

Then WHY aren't you selling them information they want?


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