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April 12, 2022, 09:20 AM
Also, I want to share this, however, the report it refers to is not for sale at this time, just wanted to show a simple promotion.

It ain't rocket science.



Tranquil Profits. Sounds like a good report. Anyhoo...

I'm getting quite a bit of mail on this go around, from here and Warrior Forum.

I like to do some research into the markets, and that will more than likely determine my interest in YOUR stuff.

Also, one possibility is the INTERVIEW, which we would use as a front end piece or lead gen to get interest in your stuff...as I did with Harvey Brody and the Question Oriented Person interview of a decade ago.

What I like to look at is what is the market currently buying in your niche, how can WE differentiate ourselves from that, what is UNIQUE and what would be the best (easiest and fastest) way to monitize it for us both.

The other thing is, I have to be selective too, so choices are made on what will be mutually beneficial for us both.

So far, some very interesting stuff and I was right (as usual) you all have a boat load of STORED VALUE that you are letting go to waste.

Hopefully, we can get it out of your brain (or off your shelves) and into the marketplace for a some tasty profits.

Thanks for your patience too.


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