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April 13, 2022, 05:50 PM
Thanks Gordon, I will send you an e-mail.

However let me just explain why I just tested and didn't any research:

1- On my physical products business I made exactly that: by ONLY testing a LOT of different and various products. I did this because:

2- The group supports/networking on direct response, advertising , entrepreneurship and business, on my experience, here in my Country are very, very, very poor. So I decided do it my self by simply testing. Test
to see if would be possible to sell physical products with nice PROFIT by direct-response advertising. And of course, is. Now I am trying to sell digital products, (e-books and consulting services), by direct-response with nice PROFIT as I sell physical products ;

3- I don't see any relevant competition - on selling e-books by direct response it doesn't exist, far as I know, I don't see anyone doing with sucess. So I cannot see who advertises where I can see the ads . So this is like the American old
Wide west. Or as the anedocte: "We came to Africa to sell shoes, where no one dress shoes - that proof no one is interested in using shoes so we have no chance OR it is an golden opportunity to people start using shoes!"

So I am on this situation: Yes, is possible to sell e-books on Facebook without sending to landing pages. The question is if I can do it with a NICE PROFIT as I do it selling physical products.

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