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April 13, 2022, 08:17 PM
Correct me if I am wrong. You are targeting Portugal. If yes, why?

There are so many good translation platforms, there isn't any reason you couldn't be selling to the countries (like USA, UK, Germany, Japan, etc.) or is your information targeted toward your country?

I get you have to send a physical product, but an ebook, or any digital product crosses borders at lightening speed. What would be a good reason not to have them in several languages? But I think you need at least English versions, that is a big enough market itself.

Relevant competition? If NO one else is doing it, maybe that is all the research you need, but I doubt that is true.


Thanks Gordon, I will send you an e-mail.

However let me just explain why I just tested and didn't any research:

1- On my physical products business I made exactly that: by ONLY testing a LOT of different and various products. I did this because:

2- The group supports/networking on direct response, advertising , entrepreneurship and business, on my experience, here in my Country are very, very, very poor. So I decided do it my self by simply testing. Test
to see if would be possible to sell physical products with nice PROFIT by direct-response advertising. And of course, is. Now I am trying to sell digital products, (e-books and consulting services), by direct-response with nice PROFIT as I sell physical products ;

3- I don't see any relevant competition - on selling e-books by direct response it doesn't exist, far as I know, I don't see anyone doing with sucess. So I cannot see who advertises where I can see the ads . So this is like the American old
Wide west. Or as the anedocte: "We came to Africa to sell shoes, where no one dress shoes - that proof no one is interested in using shoes so we have no chance OR it is an golden opportunity to people start using shoes!"

So I am on this situation: Yes, is possible to sell e-books on Facebook without sending to landing pages. The question is if I can do it with a NICE PROFIT as I do it selling physical products.

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