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March 31, 2007, 08:18 PM
Hi Joe,

There's a couple threads down the page on developing a "USP" that can Help give you the Edge on the competition...

Make sure you're Keeping in Touch and Uptodate with the industry...

Study & Learn their Lingo and get the Knowledge to Successfully land those accounts. :)

Here's a few Quick industry resources. Search out your Local Associations and Network, Network even with your competition...

Talking about Competition, Study what they're Doing and what they're Not. ;)


Follow a few particular Sales Experts that can Help build your Sales abilities...

A couple of my Favorites and Many more out there...

Jeffrey Gitomer
Art Sobczak

You may also want to checkout Sowpubber Skip Rosell who has an interesting business idea that just might work for you in a variety of ways, whether as a Promotional idea or Possibly as an Addon business.

Always be Thinking Multiple streams of income...

Here's Skip's link with a bunch of Excellent business ideas But go down the page a little...
"Auto Accident Kits"

Best of Luck!


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