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March 31, 2007, 09:36 PM
Thank you for your reply Bob.

I have analyzed the sales we've made so far. I just don't think we have enough numbers yet to give any hints of patterns.

Our current customers are all over the board sorta speak. A few A+ shops that have nice buildings, an office staff, multiple spray booths, and do mainly late model work. A few decent shops without the "nice office", 1 booth, etc. And a few... well... crappy one or two man shops without a spray booth.

And product purchases has been all over the place as well.

But you're right! There will be much to learn from that data as we grow.

Regarding providing some marketing assistance to the shops... that is a great idea. If we could come up with a simple way to prove ourselves valuable in this area would be a big boost for our offerings.

My brain is churning... thanks for sparking some ideas.



just off the top of my head ...

I would analyze the orders you have taken...or sold

see what products, quantities, etc ...

how may cars they do a day ...how many employees...how many of this ...how much of that....make all this a s specific as you can ...(maybe, even call em and ask em ..why they bought from you ? )

then when you have the specifics, market to similar shops...

your niche , if you will...

helping em get more business...sell em some magnets..put on all the customers cars and in parking lots...??

make up a discount for the new customers when the shop uses your discounted offer on the primers and clear coats ?

do like the car spa guy does, and just make up some discounts on body work ...make the discount apply to all your present shops...

and use this to show to new accounts how you support your customers...

who knows ?

tough market ....those body shops...

good selling to ya

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