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April 9, 2007, 09:13 AM
Hi Kelly,
Woody -

While picking oranges and hunting deer might be options for you - for many they aren't ... but I get what you're saying ... thanks


My only point is that, it's not the oranges or deer hunting, but looking around where I'm at and working with what I got.

Let me show you how my 10 year old daughter did it. Bare in mind, she has no formal training except listening to dad spout off marketing strategies to her.

My daughter Lizzie, started with a piece of paper and NO MONEY.

In Sunday School she learned how to make origami fish. Great but what can you do with that?

Well she took the piece of paper and made about 10 little origami paper fishes. Next she took her little marker board and a dry erase marker and a made sign. It read:

Lizzie's Fish Stand
25¢ Each

Then in the front of our home, (this was when we lived in the city), she setup her sign and sat on a kitchen chair.

Within a matter of 1 hour she sold all her origami fishes, made some more and sold them as well and generated $11.

So in reality, you could start with literally no captial, no vehicle, no Internet, no paypal, limited education, as in my daughter's case, but with sheer tenacity and drive generate an income.

So let me repeat what Gordon so perfectly stated:

the secret to it is...

start where you are at,
with what you have,
know where you want to go
take action

Woody Quiñones
The Promotional Guy (http://www.ImpactYourArea.com)

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