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April 9, 2007, 10:38 AM
OK… what would you do to get rich if all you had was $50 and you had rent to pay and mouths to feed?

If it were me, I wouldn’t waste my time trying to get rich on the internet until I had first built a steady offline income. Last month I did a little over $1000 in online sales (and not a single dollar of it came from any link I placed on SOW) and that was a good month. But offline $1000+ days are somewhat common. For me it is far easier to make money offline than online. For you it may be different but I wouldn’t advise anyone who was down to his or her last few dollars to sit on their duffs in front of their computer screen looking for a way to make money overnight.

Instead of just tossing out a few untested ideas and discussing general theory that may or may not work, I prefer to find out what has produced results for others and look at the actions they took to produce those results and then go out and duplicate those actions and produce my own results. I like to look for problems people want solved and then take care of it for them.

Now here’s one “Proven” way to turn $50 into thousands. This works for those who are willing to work but it requires real work in the great outdoors. It’s not for those who dream only of online riches. And it’s not for those who are afraid to talk to others face to face or who have something to hide because to do this you will be check out by the police and you may be required to run your fingerprints by the FBI.

First go to www.AddressAmerica.com (don’t worry I won’t make a single dime off you if you follow this tip) and invest $8 to download their operations manual.

I am only sharing something specific that has worked for me in the past. If you don’t like my mentioning something here that can help a few go getters make some money and save some lives then too bad. I like to make friends as much as anybody but I’m not going to dampen my passion to help someone because of a few bad apples who always seem to take offense at what others are doing or not doing. I don’t need or want friends like that.

Once you study the Address America Operations manual use $2 to print off a few copies of one of the magic marketing flyers. Then go see your local Chief of Police and the Fire Chief. Show them what you want to do with the address signs only (not the back end products I'll be sharing with you) and ask them for their help. Offer to donate a percentage of your sign installations to the Fire Department so they can purchase more life saving equipment and use the remaining $40 to purchase any required permits to post flyers on doors.

Because flyer response can be less than 1% in some areas and as high as 10% in others I would first start knocking on doors and explaining that I was helping the fire department to raise funds for new equipment by installing life saving night vision address signs and helping the police protect citizens by installing peep hole viewers and high security door locks that can't be picked opened.

Ask for a 50% deposit and the balance upon installation. Use that money to purchase your inventory. Use the night vision address signs as a door opener. Then use the peep hole viewers and keyless pick proof high tech finger print door locks as back end products. If you don’t want to do the installations of the door viewers or locks yourself you could always set up a joint venture with a lock smith.

Put together an information product on a CD or DVD. Call it a “Free Crime Prevention Kit”. Give each one of your sign customers one and include a thank you letter plus a short note that says something to the effect of “If I were a thief, I could enter your house in 10 seconds flat, rob you blind and leave without a trace and because I’d leave no sign of a forced entry chances are the police and your insurance company would suspect you of insurance fraud”. – To find out how any thief can do exactly that… watch this DVD now or turn on your computer and go to: http://snipurl.com/BumpKey and see how any thief can get away with it.

Then simply call or go back to see them a day later and offer to install a bump proof lock and peep hole door viewer. This is a simple business that you can feel good about!

Steve Shulenski

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