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April 7, 2007, 04:44 PM
Greetings Kelly,

...in a way, it really forces you to make your money online or with your phone or both ...

...so again, my question is - what would you do with only a hundred bones - an internet connection, a phone and perhaps PayPal, an eBay account and a email?

First off, having no vehicle is not a set back to us old timers. It's called plan "B". "Rapid Transit" is a term many a young folk discount as alternative transportation.

Back in Los Angeles, I did everything by bus. The best part is that the RTD was always on time and I never missed an appointment, not to mention that the bus usually stopped within a block of all my appointments.

My clients didn't care how I got there. As long as I made my appointments, sold them what they wanted, they were none the wiser.

Also let's not discount shoe leather. You would be surprised what you can find when you actually, hoof it. Many times riding in cars or buses can actually prevent you from uncovering some very nice chattel.

Let me give you a real time example.

Currently, I live on 1400 acres of land and my 4 bedroom 2 bath home sits in the middle of 400 acres of orange groves. Also across the road is a plant nursery.

All I would need to do is walk across the two lane hard road and ask the grounds keeper what he would charge me to purchase some of his exotic plants.

With prices in hand, I would come back and get on the internet and head over to craigslist.org.


I could get my son and we would head over to the 20 foot tree stand, climb up and do some deer hunting. Once we take one down, we would gut it and prepare it for shipping.


I could simply walk into the groves, pluck off some oranges, package them up to ship.

When I have a buyer, I get on the internet and go to the UPS website and schedule a pickup and they bill me later in the month.


Well you get the picture

Woody Quiñones
The Promotional Guy (http://www.ImpactYourArea.com)

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