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April 9, 2007, 02:03 AM
This comes full circle to the point of this forum ( I think?)
My understanding, which is limited, on the purpose of this forum is for me to come here and steal marketing ideas, not a personal sales platform for various marketers that wish to sell their ideas and shemes to others that happen upon this forum

These posts, left unmoderated, will kill this board just like I want to happen in the end.

It is a shame really, as their are a few good minds and ideas that are knocked around here. It would be a shame to see that the sharks like me kill the board.

Another person who frowns when others who have actually done something documents and writes a book about it. I for one enjoy reading about what others did and the results they produced and good on them that they did like Gordon advises... document it and package it up into an info product. If you don't want to buy it nobody is forcing you to click on their links. Instead of worrying about others who are doing something why don't you post something worthwhile?

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