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January 12, 2017, 03:58 PM
Thanks Dien,

So your readers can do this themselves.

Part I - the Ad

Is only to Get Prospects to CALL to ask for MORE INFO.

Part II - The Data Sheet

Is Mis-Direction so we get their email and phone #
and Permission to Call them.

Swap Stories.

Bond - get rapport.

Then INVITE them to come see the car.

The folks who show up to LOOK at the car in person
are your SOLID Prospects.


Little Old Lady Next Door
Owned Plymouth Aries Car with 28,672
Mileage on it

#1 - I have not driven this car in 3 years after the battery died.

#2 - Kept in Garage all the time. (Ask me about my Battery Charger Results)

#3 - The Little Old Lady Next Door Gave Me Her Car - in her will - After
I took care of her when she got sick.

#4 - Everything still works OK. I charged the battery enough to check lights, etc.

#5 - Tires: 185-70R13 86T, and has spare: Goodyear.

#6 - White Exterior, Blue Interior

#7 - 4 Door

#8 - Fog Lights

#9 - Spotlight

#10 - AM/FM Stereo / Cassette w/ Dolby


You won't find this Kind of little old lady driven
LOW mileage used car ANYwhere else.

My Craigs List ad still making the phone ring.

So make An Appointment to come and Check it out yourself.

I really do have property taxes to pay so This car will sell THIS WEEK.


P.S. - For a more complete Explanation of what is going on BEHIND
the Scenes in this kind of 2 part ad.

Check out the ezine Archives at the bottom of

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