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January 20, 2017, 12:27 AM
Thanks Ron,


We're still testing Which County to put the Craigs List ad in. So far
we are not attracting good car buying prospects.


I prepared the car owner with a page that contains:

a - The blue book value -

b - The Trade in Value - from local used car dealer

c - Price for similar make and model on eBay

And none of the callers/vistors
so far have come up with MORE than that minimum.


We went to Plan B.

I work with #1 Realtors around the USA and the most effective
method WOMEN REALTORS Us for Quick Home S*ales is...

***Putting Handwritten INVITATIONS to an open
House - With F-r-e-e Food...

***On the doorknobs of all neighbors in all directions.

TURNS OUT that Women Neighbors WANT to see
Inside their Neighbors House.

Men and Women Neighbors ALSO want to
know what THEIR HOME is worth...Based on what that home is s*Elling for.


We are using the same Tactic to INFORM the neighbors
that a low mileage cheap car is NEARBY.


The Craigs List Ad - SO FAR - is attracting - do-it-yourselfer car repair guys who
don't seem to have any moolah.


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