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January 8, 2017, 01:21 PM
Essence: The CORE nature.

Distilled down to:

Your target is PREOCCUPIED.
You enter their preoccupation with an INTERRUPTER.
You hold their ATTENTION.
Your message resonates, harmonizes with their feelings AT THE MOMENT.
You give clear instructions on what they need to do next.

IF they don't do what you ask them, then you must analyze:

Your INTERSECTION, which is the
where your attempt (promotion, pitch or presentation)

It is simple, basic and yet from what I see one of the most ignored, neglected and unused ideas in all of persuasion.

True in copywriting, face to face selling, most all remote efforts at selling but when you see it used, understood and applied, then you see SALES, winners and abundance.

It does take a little time, effort and study to get into the mode of thinking from your Target's point of view, but it makes selling and persuasion so much easier.

What I see is a spate of spurious persuasion and copywriting gimmicks.

If you want to increase your sales, get to know the PictoGrigm Of Persuasion and the nuances, you will increase your bottom line



PS Private lessons are available. gjabiz@yahoo.com Subject: POP

Roy Garn's book, The Magic Power of Emotional Appeal was a 1965 acquisition to my growing library of sales, influence and mind control works thanks to Fran Renner, a hypnotherapist at the corner of 4th and Portage Trail.

It was the first work which identified a core concept for me, PREOCCUPATION, and his FATAL FOUR were carried around in my external brain, a small notebook in my pocket, for over 20 years until it went through the wash (darn wife and her cleanliness fetish)...

In that little notebook were all the Wheelerpoints from his work, Bettger's Bullet Points, Elmer Leterman notes, Think And Grow Rich lists, and other condensed wisdom, including three pages of SWITCH WORDS, from James Mangan, such was my reading as a teen.

In this discussion about influence, my personal AH HA came when reading PSYCHO-FEEDBACK, Practical PsychoCybernetics by Paul G. Thomas.

The essential piece in the book was the R.A.S or RAS, the Reticular Activating System. If you think of it as a traffic cop or a gate guard, you'd have a good practical grasp of what it does in the brain.

The reason for knowing how the RAS operates,
"The reticular activating system also helps mediate transitions from relaxed wakefulness to periods of high attention"

Few people go through their day in a state of relaxed wakefulness. When I'm face to face, I want to do some sort of a pattern interrupt, depending on time and place. Then, I anchor some sensory stimuli, I like sound, to the interruption.

With REMOTE influence attempts, I pay very close attention to the INTERSECTION, the time and place where my attempt to influence meets the person or people who are my target.

Now I want to point out a little research, and perhaps a few clues which some of you can draw from.


This data was compiled and a link posted by Neville Medhora at the Cult of Copy Facebook page.

I call your attention to #12 on the list, a course by Tom Cassidy with over 75,000 students. Whether anyone paid or not is not relevant, but the popularity of the subject is.

And I call your attention to the course itself:


And you can watch the short video on Lecture Four, the RAS.


You see, in the PARADE OF LIFE, there will be new students coming along, and I suspect a person who takes time to learn, apply and even research and FIND AND DISCOVER some of the lesser known works, or ones which have fallen into Arcane Archives, in some people's brains....

My suspicion is it will be an Evergreen, ongoing, never ending pursuit of large numbers of people to

continue their quest for EVERYDAY MIND MASTERY and want to:

use a system that works with a minimum amount of will. We're still going to have to do the work, it's just that we won't have to use up any of our energy forcing ourselves to do the work. (From the course description)

And here is ONE example, a popular course, willing to spend 7.5 HOURS and maybe a few coins, to learn how things work.

Any student with a serious quest, probably already has the resources, know-how, experience to create a course to serve the ongoing masses, I'm sure some of those 75,000 paid a little, and if the guy has a back end, he's done pretty well for himself.

If only YOU knew someone, or a few someones, who had a storage house full of the secret essences of the Masters which you could take out of storage and put into circulation, wouldn't it be wonderful?

Gordon Jay Alexander

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