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January 5, 2017, 10:44 AM
Essence: The CORE nature.

Distilled down to:

Your target is PREOCCUPIED.
You enter their preoccupation with an INTERRUPTER.
You hold their ATTENTION.
Your message resonates, harmonizes with their feelings AT THE MOMENT.
You give clear instructions on what they need to do next.

IF they don't do what you ask them, then you must analyze:

Your INTERSECTION, which is the
where your attempt (promotion, pitch or presentation)

It is simple, basic and yet from what I see one of the most ignored, neglected and unused ideas in all of persuasion.

True in copywriting, face to face selling, most all remote efforts at selling but when you see it used, understood and applied, then you see SALES, winners and abundance.

It does take a little time, effort and study to get into the mode of thinking from your Target's point of view, but it makes selling and persuasion so much easier.

What I see is a spate of spurious persuasion and copywriting gimmicks.

If you want to increase your sales, get to know the PictoGrigm Of Persuasion and the nuances, you will increase your bottom line



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