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January 15, 2017, 02:34 PM
Thanks Dien,

Good question.

This is not theory.

Robert has gotten both phone # and Email this way
for all of his callers - so far.

Except on Rascal who said, "No".

People Call or Text and ask, "HOW MUCH for the Car?"


IF you tell the p-rice UP-FRONT you LOSE the sale.


You say, "Before we talk price - let me email you the Data Sheet.
What You are Getting.

And give me your phone # to so I can answer Your questions as you go thru it.


A - They say OK and give you both

B - OR They say, "No."

In which case they were tire kickers and wouldn't buy anyway.

C - By the way...

You Also never talk price except to the folks who DRIVE over and look
at the car.

D - Then we are protected on the down side cuz I outlined a page with
3 Amounts on it.

I - P*rice the same or similar car is selling for on Ebay
and elsewhere

II - Trade in Value at local used Car lot

III - Blue book value

IN THIS CASE - We are sure to get 1900.00 or MORE
Cuz that is the Blue Book Value.


P.S. - We do this a lot with Houses and Yachts. But it works Great
on any kind of Car.

I've even helped s*ell cars that won't run. That the owner
feared they'd have to PAY to get towed.

Do-it-Yourself Mechanics LUV these cars.

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