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Dien Rice
January 13, 2017, 05:29 AM
Thanks Dien,

So your readers can do this themselves.

Part I - the Ad

Is only to Get Prospects to CALL to ask for MORE INFO.

Part II - The Data Sheet

Is Mis-Direction so we get their email and phone #
and Permission to Call them.

Swap Stories.

Bond - get rapport.

Then INVITE them to come see the car.

The folks who show up to LOOK at the car in person
are your SOLID Prospects.


P.S. - For a more complete Explanation of what is going on BEHIND
the Scenes in this kind of 2 part ad.

Check out the ezine Archives at the bottom of
Hi Glenn,

Thanks for sharing this technique!

I understand that you probably email them the data sheet... (so to get it, they have to first give you their email.)

But what do you say or do to get their phone number too?

Best wishes,


P.S. There's a wealth of surprising insights in your archives too...!

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