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Old January 31, 2019, 05:41 PM
Glenn Glenn is offline
Senior Member
Join Date: Oct 2006
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Default Mr K Says, *I Want to Borrow a M*illion D*ollars in C*ash"

Thanks Dien,

Here is More Proof That Copywriting Plus a Follow Up Phone Call
And a Little PERSISTENCE -- is NOT DEAD.

And the Whole World is NOT watching Those YouTube
videos full of Dancing Cats and Singing Dogs.

I wrote a Shorter Answer
to Scott - at Alignable -

Then Got Permission from Mr K - to Write it up and Post the FULL
Version at

Because it seems to me that We Should be Able
to find More than One Investor.

"How can I handle someone I know not trusting my products or services?

Thanks Scott,

Great Question.


The Key is to ADD MORE VALUE - to Boost Trust.

(EDITORS NOTE - I Create What a 426 Mil mentor Calls "A PRE-HEAT PAGE"
free for Members of my F-r-e-e Ezine. And often they report their S*ales Jump by 50% to 100% or more.)

Here is
how we
adapted that SAME IDEA
for a Real Estate Flipper.

ONE of My VIP INSIDERS asked us to help him BORROW 1 M*illion D*ollars for a Real Estate Deal. Mr K does all cash Real Estate Flipping and BANKS won't touch it.

(EDITORS NOTE #2 - I asked MR K - and I have His Permission to Share.)

FIRST - I ran thru what I might say to a M*illionaire Angel Investor.

"Hey, Can I borrow a M*illion Bucks in C*ASH to give to a Client?"

Answer was a Big Fat "NO."

So I asked MR K to send me a List of some of his Real Estate Flips.

SECOND - Mr K sent me a List. I typed it up and Emailed 2 pages
to a list of 6 Real Estate M*illionaires. And Left a VM for each.

QUESTION for __________:

What ELSE Do You Need To Know Before You TRUST Mr K Enough
to Spend Your VALUABLE time on the Phone Talking WIN-WIN Real Estate?

SECURITY of $$$$
I wire the funds to:

Trust Account Incoming Wire Instructions
Beneficiary Bank: US Bank 19450 Plummer St. Northridge, CA 91324 (818)428-6975
ABA: 122235821
16000 Bryant St.
North Hills CA 90343
purchase price 530k
renovations 85k
actual retail value * 730k
2460 Deer Dr.
Fullerton, CA 90835
purchase price 563k
renovations 133k
actual retail value 860k
21000 Menhall Ct.
Topango, CA 90280
purchase price 700k
repairs 150k
actual retail value 1,700k
9400 Hoskell Ave.
North Hills CA 90043
Bought on 10/3/2017 for $550k
listed on 5/21/2018 for $638k
sold on 6/8/2018 for $670k...obviously ABOVE listing prices
Another deal just went into escrow the other closes
in 30 days....
April 2018 purchase price * $240k
Feb 2019 selling price * $391K
GROSS S*ALES Total - __________

(EDITORS NOTE - Mr K B*uys Houses for C*ash. Has People Funneling Real Estate Deals to him that FIT His Hi-Margin Niche. Is Looking for Others Doing Something Similar.)



Not a Peep.

THIRD TRY - I asked Kevin to Email me a few Details about ACTIVE DEALS.
The Reason He wanted to Borrow The M*illion Bucks.

Real Estate Deals Mr K is Currently Looking At:

One deal...on the lake...2000 feet of frontage
should be able to subdivide into 20 lots...
I have talked to the people at the County.....
ONLY requirement is road has to be so wide and have
* * a 33 ft circular ending like many cul de sacs currently have

smaller unimproved lots in this area go for about $100,000
Whole parcel is for sale at $550,000....
,,,,AND there is a 4000 sq ft house already on the parcel
BUT the basement in this house is not usable
Need a partner with cash and* land development experience.


Second deal.....on the lake....two lots with two separate tax numbers
one lot has small cabin...other lot has nothing on it
many homes in this area go for $300-$400 per sq ft
for this deal, they are ASKING $389,000

BOTH of these deals are within 2-2.5 hours of Chicago, Illinois.....many of the properties
on the lakes in southern WI are owned by people from Illinois
Taxes and property values are MUCH LOWER than those in N. Illinois

Talk soon,
Mr K

Only One Response - so far.

NOT FROM My Customer List but From a Referral From a VIP INSIDER
from my Ezine List.

We made a Phone Appointment with David. Chatted for a while.
David and I agreed there seemed to be a good fit.

So I Referred him to Mr K.

Email from David…

Thanks Glenn,

I have relationships with several lending sources that do either "private" money or "hard money" real estate loans. $100k to several million dollars. I have lenders for every state.

Equity is the key. My understanding is that you have some property owners who have paid cash for properties and now want to re-fi them. That scenario is a perfect fit for most of my sources. My lenders will usually not loan more than 75% of the value. Often 65%, depending on the scenario. I deal with lenders who loan on less than "ideal" situations - either due to borrower issues or properties that may have some "hangnails."

I have lenders that will respond to good credit borrowers and some who don't care at all about credit. Each situation is unique and will determine the various factors involved in terms, pricing, etc.

If a property was recently purchased at a "bargain" price and an owner wants to re-finance and get the price back in a new loan amount, there must be a clear reason why they bought it "under market" and solid substantiation for the "new" value.

Can deal with individuals, LLC's, corporations, trusts, etc. as borrowers.

There is a link to my old website below and here is my new site which will be live shortly.



So Now we Have TWO PAGES of "PRE-HEAT" that Credentials Mr K.


We have WRITTEN PROOF - from David - that Some of MR K's Projects
Seem to Fit - the Out-side-the-box Lenders David Works with.


Now We Have THREE PAGES of Proof, Credentials, Trust and PRE-HEAT
to Run Past Potential Investors - after we Post them at our new website

I hope My Similar Situation
where 5 Different M*illionaires
Didn't Trust me enough
to Even Email or Call Me Back - Helps You Scott.

Glenn Osborn
M*illionaire Mastermind Marketing Association
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